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Reviews about WAIHEKE CAR RENTAL ltd

  /  14 ratings
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All reviews 24
  • 29 october 2022, 4:33 am
    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. They steal your money and ignore your emails.
    • 29 october 2022, 5:12 am
      We don't know what you talking about, you never hired a car with us.
  • 13 october 2022, 9:43 am
    The Service was amazing!

    Very friendly and reliable, We super recommend it!!!
  • 9 october 2022, 9:43 pm
    Had an excellent experience. We got the car we wanted for our needs, the staff on arrival were friendly and helpful, instructions were clear and the car was waiting for us. The car suited our needs perfectly, was easy to drive and allowed us to do what we wanted over the weekend. Drop off was easy and it was good value for money. We all remarked how smoothly everything had run. Will definitely use again.
  • 2 october 2022, 6:29 am
    Very friendly and helpful staff.
  • 1 october 2022, 9:34 am
    Such a great service!!! Love the way they keep the communication going when I first booked upto the day I arrived. Awesome work! 5 stars!
  • 21 september 2022, 1:02 pm
    Initially had a great experience with the staff being very helpful and efficient. After returning the vehicle though, I received an email stating there was a dent in the rear tailgate and that we would be charged $300 but to call the manager if there was a dispute. Both myself and my colleagues In know there was no damage. I couldn't get hold of the manager and my credit card had already been charged the $300 before ever having the chance to dispute the accusation of damage. I was suspicious of – show
    • 21 september 2022, 8:09 pm
      Dodgy is your attitude that damage the vehicle and play like not, we do a lot hires here with no problem at all unfortunately its not all the customers give good reviews only the dodgy ones waste time here with bad reviews even when is not true what you write.
      We sent the photos of the car before you start your hire also we asked for the customer take his own photos however all this to avoid this kind of headache so why didn't you fallow the rules, prove that we are wrong, dodgy customers.
  • 24 july 2022, 12:06 am
    I had a good experience hiring a car with Fabio who provided a great service. The car was nice, instructions regarding refueling and parking were precise and everything went well.
  • 21 june 2022, 7:58 am
    Hi there, it was definitely booked with you so don't try denying it.
    As per my previous review RE: Horrible to deal with, false claims which led to you charging (my friends credit card) before discussing the matter.. you need to sort it out and make it right!
  • 17 june 2022, 8:16 am
    Disgusting service. Pretty sure taking an unspecified amount of money out of a customer's account with no authority or notification is called Theft!!
    Very unprofessional to take money based of an assumption by your company, with no prior conversation or evidence of any kind to support your baseless assumption of changing a Tyre. Which by the way we would of happily reported and paid for if this were true.

    To be ripped off and treated so poorly by your company is inexcusable. You should be asham
    – show
    • 2 october 2022, 7:07 am
      We only take money that we are allowed to as our hire agreement.
  • 24 april 2022, 4:00 am
    Will definitely get a car from there again! The staff is very friendly and the cars are so clean. They were very busy but just like every other place in Waiheke on Saturdays! I've seen a few comments here and went to look at the emails I've received, it says thank you for your “booking request” and then afterwards you get a confirmation. Around covid times and short and staff around everywhere we need to support local and small business. Definitely happy to see this beautiful island in a beautif – show
  • 23 april 2022, 11:56 pm
    Don’t book with these guys if you’re wanting to be sure you get a vehicle on arrival.
    Booked an 8 seater van online for a day on waiheke with friends visiting from out of town. Found vehicle, booked & paid online. Received booking email and pick up instructions. Looked like a hero.
    Arrived to find there was no booking. Apparently it was my fault as the email I had received was not a “confirmation email” which I would have received if my booking was confirmed… which it was not. My booking had bee
    – show
    • 2 october 2022, 7:09 am
      You never had a booking confirmation from us you just got a booking request, please ask someone that understand English to tell you the difference between that.
  • 29 march 2022, 11:30 pm
    Had a rental booked and paid for that had to cancel 3 times due to covid lockdowns. Phoned about 3 months ago to make sure credit didn't expire and assured it wouldn't only to try and book to be told by horrible rude man that they wouldn't honor it. Thanks for stealing my hard earned $$$
    • 24 july 2022, 4:21 am
      We saw your file here and the company gave to you 1 year to use your credit and you let that expire however we got a bad review because we just followed the agreement made between us.
  • 21 march 2022, 10:15 pm
    Cheating and untrusted people and poor service customer service
  • 15 march 2022, 7:27 am
    Worst service, please don’t hire car from this rentals dodgy people. driven 40kms and paid 20.71litres petrol, called number of times to the service and messaged them 5 times only replied once. Advised they will look into it but haven’t heard anything from them. Waited almost three weeks for resolution.
    • 24 july 2022, 4:23 am
      We don't have your details in our file please check if the company that you hired the vehicle are Waiheke Rental Cars or Waiheke Auto Rentals, thank you.
  • 19 february 2022, 1:12 am
    These guys and their idiotic online booking system just ruined my plans for waiheke for the day. Booked a car last minute using their website (9am for 10.30am pick up same day). Got asked for all details including credit card. Received a booking confirmation email straight away. Turned up to pick car up on time after jumping off the ferry to find that my booking had in fact been declined. This left me zero chance to find another rental car with the other companies or time given I had to be at – show
  • 3 february 2022, 8:08 am
    Book with them so that we had a mode of transport for our youth and couldn't be happier with our choice. The 12 seater and large boot space was enough to carry us, our luggage and tents to go camping and explore Waiheke.
    Would happily use them again if/when we go back to Waiheke.
  • 10 january 2022, 7:48 pm
    Located inside the Main Ferry Terminal Matiatia, New cars Models, Clean and Comfortable, a large range of options from a Manual Car Transmission to a Automatic Mini bus 19 seats.
    Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Mercedes-Benz Convertible, Toyota Hybrid, etc… so a lot of options.
  • 18 march 2021, 10:40 am
    We rent a car last 9th of March 2021, the instruction is very clear so we top up 95 petrol before we left and leave the receipt in front in between of the front and driver seat, to my suprise the next morning i got $30.85 deducted to my credit card without me knowing, staff said they didnt seen the receipt but told me to check and get back to me its 7 days now they didn't even pick up the phone. Very bad service.. And didnt even inform the customer they will deduct from your acct. We only used – show
    • 18 march 2021, 10:07 am
      Sorry to hear that but you drove and didn't refuel the vehicle, that's what we call dishonest, even when you don't drive much you should refuel if you don't the next customer have to pay for you that's the reason that we ask to leave the fuel receipt in the car, usually in the glovebox or dashboard but we didn't found any after your hire.
  • 18 march 2021, 8:35 am
    We will not rent a car from this car rental anymore. They charged us extra fee for petrol even though we topped up petrol and left its receipt in the car. We've been waiting for them to give us refund. Also they ignored an inquiry I sent through their website.. what a customer service! Car itself is good but customer service is terrible!!!
    • 18 march 2021, 10:13 am
      If we don't find a fuel receipt after the hire we take the vehicle to the petrol station to refuel and YES we charge a refuel fee like all Car Rentals in the world, as our hire agreement, maps and instructions that we gave to you, is very simple to understand drove the car after that refuel and leave fuel receipt in the car, like this the next customer will not pay for you. Thank you for the Good Vehicles.
  • 15 february 2021, 2:49 am
    Amazing service and good deals on rental card
    Great customer service..they give advice where to go in waiheke

    Thank you WIM car Rentals
Average rating - 4.4 based on 24 reviews and 14 ratings

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