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Reviews about iBelieve Driving School

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  • Highly recommended and literally mark kuya Jun 100% star. I am not experienced driver, and i learned the basic driving from my husband and as normal lots of arguments along the way hehehe. Kuya Jun enhance me patiently on how to drive safely and let me understand very well the road rules. I’ve learned a lot from him and he help me and guide me to improve my driving skills. After 2 sessions from him I made it. I passed the practical test.
    • Oh! Congratulations Jubile. Enjoy your driving without any supervisions and restrictions. Please continue to apply those good habits on the road. Once again well done
  • He's a very effective teacher/instructor.
    • Very much appreciated Jenny, enjoy your freedom now that you got your full licence. Take care always. Once again congratulations. Cheers
  • A deep appreciation to kuya Jun for his patience in teaching me how to drive. From having no driving skill to slowly learning the hows and whats in driving. I was able to pass the my restricted license exam today thanks to his help in building my driving skills.
    • Marvellous! Well done and awesome achievement Patricia. Please take care always behind the wheel now that you can drive solo. Thank you very very much for the awesome review. Cheers
  • I found an amazing instructor! Highly recommended to all those who want to learn driving. He will teach you everything that you need to be learn to be a good driver. I just passed the driving test today because of what i learned to kuya Jun. Thank you so much for the big patience kuya. More customers to enroll.
    • Oh! Well done and congratulations Jeanny. Enjoy your freedom without any supervision. Take care always. Thank you very very for the awesome review. Cheers
  • I'm not new to driving, been driving for years in the Philippines. Then I drove here in all over NZ for 2 years but just when I thought that I know my way how to drive here in NZ, I failed multiple times in the practical test. Kuya Jun was recommended me by a friend and man, during our first session, he pointed out to me my bad nuances in driving, I got it from driving in the Philippines. So, we started from fixing those nuances and change my instinct in driving NZ road. So after two sessions, I – show
    • Oh! Thank you very much Mark. It’s all because of your willingness to learn and your effort. Enjoy your freedom. Stay safe and take care always. Once again, congratulations.
  • Jun is a brilliant teacher! He gave clear steps to add to and polish my habits which helped me make improvements and become a more confident and considerate driver. Extremely friendly and professional in his work. Highly recommend.
    • Oh! Thank you Martin. Congratulations and well done for passing your driving test. Keep safe and considerate on the road. Cheers
  • I passed my restricted test the first time thanks to Kuya Jun’s help. He taught me all the things I need to learn for the restricted test. If you ever need a driving instructor to help you, I recommend iBelieve Driving School. Thank you Kuya Jun for all your help.
    • Well done and congratulations Sophia, take care always and enjoy. Thank you very much for the review. Cheers
  • We put our eldest daughter with Jun from her first driving lesson to her last, with lots of practice in between. Passed with a perfect score. We would recommend Jun to anyone wanting to learn to drive well. My daughter really enjoyed her lessons with him. Plenty of patience! We will be putting our other children thru their driving lessons with Jun also.
    • Thank you so much Jennifer for the awesome review. Much appreciated indeed. It’s a pleasure to work with your children’s driving needs. Congratulations to Sophia. Cheers
  • Highly recommended. Sir Jun is knowledgeable with his craft and gives out key pointers to his students based on their current knowledge. My partner failed 3x but was able to pass on his 4th attempt with only 1 session with Sir Jun. Keep up the good work, Sir Jun.
    • Thanks FC Y. Well done and congratulations to your partner. Enjoy guys. Once again thank you for your review. Very much appreciated indeed. Cheers
  • I would highly recommend iBelieve driving school to anyone wanting to learn or improve their driving skills. Jun is a very professional, patient and accommodating driving instructor. He gives clear instructions and is well prepared to provide (lessons plans, materials, etc.) for his students. I had no practical driving experience but with Jun's teaching, I was able to pass my restricted driving test on the first go and I gained more confidence on the road. Thank you, Jun.
    • Oh! Thanks Josh. Well done and congratulations. You have put an effort onto it that’s why you succeed. Enjoy and take care
  • The best things about learning from this school and from Mr. Jun is that he made driving really fun for me all the while teaching me the basics and good foundation for driving. I passed my full license exam from converting it from an oversees license in only one attempt. I also didn't have a car at the time so I only managed to borrow my parent's car driving every other weekend for practice but I passed nonetheless due to the training and lessons that were structured properly to help me.

    He's a
    – show
    • Congratulations Lloyd, well done! You put effort onto it that’s why you achieved your goal. Enjoy driving without a supervisory condition. Thanks for the review. Very much appreciated indeed. Cheers
  • Kuya Jun is the absolute best! Very patient and teaches really well. I passed my Full practical test after the first try and I have him to thank for.
    • Congratulations sir Dax, enjoy driving without conditions now. Thanks for giving us a review, very much appreciated. Well done
  • Jun is a great instructor, after struggling learning to drive for years I passed the test on my first go thanks to his help! Thank you so much
    • Congratulations Lizzie, well done! Thanks for the review we really appreciate it for taking your time. Take care always. Cheers
  • IBelieve Driving School.

    Its been a journey so far Sir.
    Thank you for guiding me through alot of driving lessons and you have thought me about the hazards and blind sports when driving in a vehicle, Also it has helped me visualize my surroudings to see where cars are coming from.

    I thank you very much because i have passed my Restricted Driving Test on may 16.

    My Kind Regards Kevin Ace Frayco.
    • Congratulations and well done Kevin! We are proud of you. Keep up the good work. Thanks for review very much appreciated. Take care always behind the wheel. Cheers
  • My brother just passed his practical driving test!

    I sent a message to Jun Alatan 5 months ago because my brother's previous driving instructor was no longer available. He replied and we immediately booked a lesson. I thought there was going to be some difficulties because my brother have a learning disability. But Jun has been patient and my brother really enjoyed his company. Because of my brother's disability we thought that driving a car would be impossible but Jun Alatan changed all that.
    – show
    • Thank you sir Gerard, it's been a pleasure to be a part of Kevin's driving journey. Enjoy guys and take care always. Cheers
  • I passed the full driving tests! That say’s it all.

    Sir Jun has been very supportive and patient in every driving session I had. Learned so much techniques and driving skills from him.
    • Well done and congratulations Renie. Thank you for awesome review. Enjoy and take care always
  • Fantastic teacher passed my restricted first time. thank you Jun
    • Congratulations William, thank you very much for the review. Take care always. Well done
  • 100% recommended. Kuya Jun is excellent in giving technical knowledge and how you should be applying it. He is patient and communicates very well. He also boosts your confidence even if you felt like needing more practice.
    • Well done and congratulations Beth for passing Driving Test. Very much appreciated indeed for your awesome review. Take care always.
  • Kuya Jun has been very helpful in helping me acquire my restricted license. He has been very patient in building my confidence and skills in driving. Making appointments through facebook messenger was easy and convenient. He even went with me on my testing day and gave me a pep talk, making me calmer and more focused during the driving assessment. I really appreciate kuya Jun’s help throughout this experience. Highly recommended.
    • Oh wow! Thank you very very much Razel for the awesome review, very much appreciated indeed. Well done and congratulations. Take care. Cheers
  • A big thank you to Kuya Jun, he is very patient, understanding, and professional. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver too.

    Very highly recommended iBelieve Driving School
    • Thank you very much Dianarra for the awesome review, very much appreciated indeed. Once again congratulations. Always take care behind the wheel. Cheers
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