martial arts bruce lee/ip man wing chun self defence

martial arts bruce lee/ip man wing chun self defence

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Reviews about martial arts bruce lee/ ip man wing chun self defence

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  • 3 january 2020, 12:06 pm
    I trained Sifu for 8 years and he is an excellent teacher. I have personally seen certificates and photo of the certificates been handed to him by IP Ching and IP Chun. He is the highest qualified teacher New Zealand, and one of a select few world wide. If you are after wing chun, then this is the place.
  • 29 april 2019, 4:35 pm
    Sifu Tony is the best Sifu I ever know, he trained me almost 2 years. If we learn faster he will teach new skills very faster. During the training I had an opportunity to spar with one of the fellow who moved from Christchurch to Auckland and I found his style wasn’t impressive and how great was Sifu’s style. Very good teacher and very patient!!! If I go back to Auckland I will join in his class again!!! 5 ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ rating on his teaching and style!!
  • 23 march 2016, 11:38 pm
    Great school, impressive teachings. I have trained with Sifu Tony for 9months and seen many different martial arts masters and newbies try Sifu Tony and he turns from a polite teacher into a fighter. Greg should remember me, I was his training partner when half way through a lesson he challenges Sifu Tony. Gregg let loose five strikes and Sifu Tony stopped them all but said after class he was sorry he hit you so hard. Sifu Tony, apologised to Greg and we all continued with the class lesson. and – show
  • 10 march 2016, 5:21 am
    Hi, I'm Sifu Tony Brooks, qualified student of both Sons of Ip Man, of Hong Kong, where i qualified and trained all forms and levels including weapons and I qualified on Ip Mans personal wooden man, muk yang jong, at Ip Mans home. Very few indoor students are accepted by my Sifus. None in New Zealand except me is what Im told by my Teachers. This is special for my students. My Sifus choose on character and skill. Not many are given certificates. I have all my Certificates any can view personall – show
  • 17 september 2015, 1:40 pm
    A few months ago I was taught by Tony and I am not writing this out of hate but warning others not to waste their money. He will manipulate you psychologically and lie about his qualifications. He does not hold any qualifications from Ip ching or chun, Wikipedia their students to find out.

    Greedy — He will tell you that his school progresses fast, that he's the best and that other schools are expensive, a common manipulative technique he uses to keep his students progressing slowly and paying m
    – show
Average rating - 4.0 based on 5 reviews and 4 ratings

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